SME’s Financing Program

Islamic Financing House Company supports Small & Medium Enterprises including startup projects through various Modern Islamic financing tools that meets the needs of the customer.

  • Financing working Capital (Raw material, Finished Goods)
  • Financing Equipment’s
  • Financing financial gaps


  • Financing Percentage up to 100%
  • Flexible and long payment period
  • Financing local and external working capital
  • Ability to provide revolving working capital Murabaha facilities
  • Financing according to Sharia’a Guidelines
  • Ability to provide the customer with more than one product


  • Visit one of our branches
  • Fill the application and provide us with requested documents
  • IFHC staff will conduct a field visit to the company
  • Loan application will be reviewed within 48 Hours and decision will be given accordingly
  • IFHC will purchase the machinery or the equipment 
  • IFHC will resell the machinery or the equipment  to the customer according to Murabaha Contract

Requested Documents:

  • Fill loan application
  • Provide company registration certificate
  • Attain bank statement for 6 months period (if Available)
  • Attain personal asset net worth for the partners in the company 
  • Attain a price offer directed to IFHC
  • Provide financial statement for the last year (if available)