Islamic Finance House

Islamic Finance House is a private limited shareholding company Funding grants in various forms to individuals and individual institutions And companies in accordance with the provisions of Islamic Sharia, where the company was established On 28/2/2016 through the contribution of a group of investors Jordanians and Arabs from Jordan and abroad, where these investors felt The needs of the Jordanian market for this type of investment, which serves most of the Segments of society.

In order to provide these financing services, the company established its main headquarters In Amman, to expand later in Irbid and open another branch in the capital Oman, and has developed various Islamic financing products It has been studied and approved by the company's Shari'a observer and the General Iftaa Department With the aim of reaching the company to the largest target group During which the company achieves profits that ensure its continuity and the satisfaction of its shareholders.

Our Vision And Goals

Our Vision

To provide modern Islamic financing products to reach the largest target audience. 

Our Mission

To become number one financing company in the Jordanian market, by providing Islamic financing services and products to cover the needs of the local market as retail and corporate via Sharia’a Compliance regulations.

Our Achievements

Since the establishment of the company, we have been keen to grant financing in its various forms to individuals, individual institutions and companies in accordance with the provisions of Islamic Sharia.


Real estate and land financing


Private vehicle financing


Financing public vehicles and trucks


Corporate financing


Financing consumer goods and utilities

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Sharia Supervisory Board
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